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// The action of trust and faith //

The Surrender collection is about finding your own truth.

This collection represents my story of surrender.

We all know how difficult life can be at times, and giving in sounds like the easy option, but it's not.

You are unique. You are loved.

You are valuable and you are chosen. 

Don't allow fears, doubt, or others opinions shift your joy and perspective of yourself and what Gods plan is for you. 

We have a purpose here and you are called to surrender to that purpose.

You are called to express yourself, truly.

Show off your gifts and embrace them. 

Whatever you do, do not give up. Look up.

Choose to Surrender. 

• Choose to trust in Him •

Drop your fears, step into faith and watch yourself transform into your purpose. 


Surrendering is your grand gesture to Him. 

It lets Him know, “God, I trust you, your ways and your words.”

Our potential is endless if we stay consistent in learning who we are and what we can do to help our world.  


I believe in us. 

I look forward to seeing you, become you. 

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